28 July 2007

why does she hate america?!?!?!

...so after the book burning, you remember that, right? will and tom were invited on a radio show. when will told me where he was headed that morning, i spit my decaf out my nose.

"do you know what station that is?"

"jesus right winger talk radio!" (i mean this in the nicest way possible)
"are you sure?"
"uh, YEAH! who is interviewing you?"
"whomever is on in a half an hour."

i went to the computer to check it out. darla jaye had this to say:

At 10AM, I'll be talking with Tom Wayne, owner of Prospero's Books here in Kansas City . You might have seen the news recently where he was outside his store burning books. Now, as much as those neo-nazi's might find this amusing, I think that's a waste of good literature. So, I'll propose my way to save the pages of time.

"perfect. she says you're neo-nazis. limbaugh is on after her, o'reilly follows him, and neil boortz is also on the roster. she says she has a solution for you. bwahahahahhahaha! have fun with that!"

of course, i listened. i still don't know how i made it through the commercials.

nothing like theater and hypocrisy in the morning with my coffee.

she kept on and on about sending all the books to the troops in iraq. what about afghanistan, thought i. apparently, it is very cheap and easy to ship 20,000 pounds of books overseas. she ended the segment saying that she would personally come get the books and have them delivered to our troops. she vowed. tom told her to call him anytime.

guess who never called? i figured i'd give her a few months to get it done before i wrote a blog post about her. i never doubted for a second that she wouldn't show. darla jaye, why don't you support the troops? why do you hate america?


speaking of which, all of the books from the storage shelter are currently in a pod outside of the bookstore. out of all of those thousands of emails of people saying they wanted the books and not to burn any more, i figured the pod would be empty by now. nope. go figure.

come and get 'em!

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