27 June 2007

8 random facts and funny face yesterday!

so bluegrrrrl tagged me. i'm IT! she asked that i list 8 random facts about myself. i always think these are fun, so i shall do my best to partake!

1. there's a movie i want to see, but the actor in it affects me on such a visceral level that i can't. i've seen him in a bunch of flicks, and it gets worse everytime. closer was the last straw - though it was a fantastic film that continues to haunt me. how can an actor drive me so batty? i can't stand his expressions, the way he carries himself and his voice drives me nuts. i know jung what have a bunch to say about this - perhaps i could channel him to find out why? i imagine it has everything to do with something about him being something about me that edges me, but, still...

2. i like cheese! i have the worst obsession ever with brie. raw, baked, you name it. i love everyone in the cheese family as well. i also have a real soft spot for halloumi. grilled, raw, no matter! smoked gouda? sign me up! oh, god. my mouth is watering. no more cheese talk. and i'll be right back. i need to go, um, not see what is in the 'fridge.

3. when bebe was still exclusively nursing, i actually LIKED the way his nursey poos smelled. STOP kara, STOP! too much information! ew! I AM SO GROSS!

4. my favorite wine ever infinity is bonterra's organic cabernet. my birthday is in august. *hint* *hint* i'm also a sucker for wines with funny names like this and this. and bottles with labels drawn by ralph steadman.

5. if i could do it all again, i'd do it just the same. it got me where i'am today. the good, the bad, and the ugly - so be it. if things had gone differently, i never would have met my hunny bunny and love of my life. nor would bebe be here today. i love my boys with EVERY SINGLE INCH OF ME!!!! and i love myself too, through it all. no silly, not like that. and that mefriends, is just cool.

6. i can't get enough of ani difranco, even after all these years. but you knew that.

7. i LOVE rainy days. and thunderstorms recharge me! i could live in london or the pacific northwest in a heartbeat.

8. my favorite colour is purple. it has been since i was told years ago that purple is the only colour the u.s. has never used on a weapon or bomb. can't seem to verify that fact, but i like it. i like it a lot.

who to tag, who to tag? of course, you don't have to - but i really love reading randoms about peeps!

angry ballerina
sicily sue
blue girl, red state
freethinking nonsense
jolly roger

now, for something a little bit different. i got this handy dandy little tool the other day that allows me to put pictures into my computer - whereas, before, i've always had to wait for them to be emailed to me! yay!

here are some photos from funny face yesterday!

hit it, bebe!

who? meeeeeeee?

insert evil laugh here.

gigglin' mixed with surprised face.

surprised face, all on its own.

a grimace looks like a smile!

whatchoo talkin' bout, willis?

biggest laugh EVER!

zip the lip.

end of communication.

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