18 May 2007

a Thank You and update from catherine! AMAZING!!!!

i only have a second right now, but i wanted to post this up as soon a possible!

catherine asked me to pass this along earlier today... i'm bursting with Happy and Amazement! this is all way too wonderful... here, i'll let her tell you. :)

Thank you. Thank you.

I wish there were better words to say, because "thank you" will never be enough.

The generosity my family has received though this site and in all other areas of our lives has been overwhelming. We are so blessed.

I have incredible news to share! On May 10th I became as ill as I have ever been throughout this ordeal. I had an intense headache, unbearable nausea ad vomiting, my heart was beating irregularly and at 200+ beats per minute. I was frightened that my symptoms seemed worse even though I was following my doctor's advice to the letter. The medications were clearly not working. I saw my cardiologist and got news I wasn't expecting. He and my neurologist were certain I had a hole in my heart that in other patients has caused a-fib and migraines. They scheduled a test on the 15th, prescribed another medication to slow the rate of my heart and sent me home.

I chose to ride this one out at home because a week prior I had scheduled an appointment with this man www.psychicsurgeon.org (Father Joshua) who was visiting KC for three days. My appointment was at 2:20 and I knew I needed to keep it. I did. And in a nutshell, I left the appointment with NO head pain and a normal heart rate and rhythm. I had not been pain free (other than one time for 1.5 days) in four months. He told me during my appointment that I had an opening in my heart that he worked on. UN-believable...to say the least. It has now been seven days and I have been symptom free. I went ahead with the echocardiogram and bubble study on the 15th. At first glance the nurse told me it was positive since she saw a very thin spot on the septum between the chambers and saw a few bubbles pass through. After further testing it was decided that I do not have an opening. (or at least not anymore:)

Father Joshua told me that he could not tell me to discontinue my medications, but told me that he didn't feel I needed them anymore. I spoke to my cardiologist about discontinuing them, and he instructed me how to do it. I am now only taking one medication, that from my own research, is VERY safe. I have back-up medications for a crisis, but have faith that I won't be needing them. I am also seeing a chiropractor and a NAET specialist for continued work on unblocking energy in my body so that I can continue to heal and stay healthy. www.NAET.com

On the financial front, this ordeal has been crippling. However, one hospital wrote off their ENTIRE bill and the others cut 50% off the total. We are now down to a mere $70,000. (seems like a lot if you don't know what it WAS:) Your help has been so appreciated as we start to make arrangements to pay this overtime. We have been able to get the payments started and create a plan for the future. Thank you again. I don't know what else to say.


yay yay and more YAY!!!!

we still have a ways to go before we hit the goal on the chip in site - though i'm delighted by how far we've come! the chip in will only be open a few more days, so if you can spare a thing, please do. i know a bunch of you already have - THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!

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