25 May 2007

so 24 years ago

i was involved in a playground accident. my friend jumped on my back during recess and i lost my balance. i landed flat on my face. literally. i lost half of my front tooth in my face plant battle with the concrete.

let me tell you about my week.

monday: the re-build filling that somehow lived for 24 years gave up the ghost. a mis-aim with a coffee cup is the culprit. i spent the day trying not to talk, which is next to impossible for me, as every time i moved my lip it would catch on the corner of the tooth and smart like all get out. nice.

tuesday: i go to the dentist and she re-fills and shapes it for the low low price of $280. one time, while i still had insurance, they told me i needed a crown for a root canal tooth and the total would be two grand. when i laughed, she said i could apply for a loan with a lender they work with - wells fargo bank. a loan. for a tooth.

"can we just pull it?"

i digress... so anyway - i got home and slid open the back patio door to let dogs out, and the one that would definitely be a drunk frat guy if he were a person, rams into me on his way out sending my heel into a sharp corner i didn't even know was there. then came the blood. a lot of it.

i woke up in the middle of the night with a chunk of my new 280 dollar tooth on my tongue - no longer connected to my tooth - it promply made its way down my throat.

wednesday: i call the dentist - they can't get me in until thursday. i hang up. will calls to say his new boss has started to lay off people and he's worried that since he's a temp for someone on maternity leave that his contract will be cut short when she returns part time in two weeks. i love a good surprise. i'm on the edge of my seat.

thursday: i go to get my tooth refilled. i must have done something. it is all my fault. whatever. i got home and will left for the post office. bebe went along. a few minutes later, the phone rings - i hear bebe SCREAMING in the background, "kara? bebe was helping me open the door at the post office and he shifted his foot at the last second. the corner pulled his toe nail back along with a patch of skin off the top."
"oh god. is it bleeding bad?"
"we need to take him to the e.r. - come get me."

5 hours later, we get to an exam room. the doctor comes in - it somehow doesn't need a stitch... but he needs a tetnus shot and why haven't we done this before? the other doc comes in 20 minutes later to check her work and says he needs the shot, with 'the look.' all of my year long vaccine research fails me. i say ok - but i only want tetnus, not the bundle. the triage nurse comes in and reads me the riot act for about 30 minutes about immunizations. i've already agreed to let him have the one. i have to be at work in 15 minutes. i finally tell him i know that i'm supposed to sacrifice my child's life for the common good, but... they finally rinse riley's toe and wrap it in a bandage.

i won't even tell you what i dug up from my tetnus research when i got home. i'm still sick that i caved in and let them give the shots. he had to have two - one dt combo with an active tetnus, one passive tetnus. and an assload of things that should never ever be injected into a person's blood stream, things that are known poisons - aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide, sodium acetate... the list goes on and on - only to find out that there really is no way to gain immunity for tetnus and that the shots won't even work for 4 days. if he's got it, he's got it. and the chances of that are really really really rare. i. feel. awful.

i got to work 20 minutes late.

today: riley's toe is swollen - twice the size of the other. no signs of infection, but i'm taking him to see the doctor in the morning just in case. when i so much as brush the injection sites on his thigh, he screams - though he seems to be doing ok, otherwise. a little fussier then normal and clingy, but i would be too, if i was missing half my toe.

i'm fairly convinced that i'll be returning in my next life as a dung beetle.

then comes the cherry on my poop ice cream sundae:

the DEMOCRATS that voted for funding!!!!!!!!!!!

seriously. i wanted to believe after that last election, i really did. i wanted to be wrong. and i hate to say it, but:

meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

except for kucinich. i still heart him. but that. is. it.

i don't know about you - but i need a vacation.

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