17 March 2007

i KNOW you have something to say!

my pal over at ravefilmskc has a fantabulous idea! i'm posting up his call to arms - iffin you have an idea, his contact info is at the bottom.

don those thinking caps and WRITE ON!

I had never thought about doing political TV spots and sticking them on Youtube. What the hell. People will watch them.

I've got the lighting, camera, sound and editing equipment and expertise. Not a lot of time to work on concept and location and talent and all that stuff. So--

--How about anybody who's interested come up with some scripts. They need to be simple to produce in terms of cost, and need to be Youtube-friendly--ie., not a lot of complex graphics. Simple, dramatic stuff, lots of closeups. You can't have a lot of fine detail because of the high compressions and low data rate of Youtube.

I want scripts and/or ideas. You get an idea, send it to me. Don't worry about how good it may or not be, don't worry about form or writing style, etc. I can massage it.

Let's get some good political spots up there, guys! They don't have to be promoting a candidate. They do need to promote real American values (versus the fake kind the right wing neofascist fundamentalists and KorporateAmerika promote).

Anybody in KC who wants to help, in terms of finding locations, being or getting talent, helping on a shoot, coming up with ideas--get back to me. Those of you in the biz, make your own spots. We need to do this on a long term basis. No big hurry but let's get started. Who knows, we might could come up with something really cool that would generate a million hits and start getting some publicity in the disgusting mainstream media. We should commit to doing one spot a month if we get enough good ideas. Maybe that's too big a goal...maybe half a dozen or so in time to influence the election. The right wingers will be doing this by the zillions, and they have the megachurches for distribution. Youtube may not sound like much, but it could make a difference.

As Cartman said, "...he'p me...ah need h'ep...h'ep me, pleeeze...."

No idea is too far out to be considered.


p/s - go give this artist a listen. she. rocks. bill also just hipped me to her - though i remember hearing one of her songs at work and always wondered who she was... another mystery solved.

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