10 March 2007

what exactly am i supposed to be supporting?

'cause it certainly isn't this.

i don't know that i buy into the idea that men "need" sex - i'm beginning to wonder if that's simply another idea that we've internalized over time - an idea so steeped in "tradition" that we don't question it and think that it "just is." (is there any science at all behind the claim?)

but even if it is the truth, it doesn't mean that some woman/any woman is required to be on the receiving end of said need. i'm also completely disgusted and angered that grown men can't find another alternative for stress relief, no matter how horrible and stressful the situation is that they find themselves in...

there is no excuse for this.
maybe all the righties that have come after me are right - maybe i don't wholeheartedly and unquestionably support the troops after all. because if that means turning away from something as horrific and traumatic as male soldiers raping and sexually abusing female soldiers - and a military entity that provides no support to the women that have been attacked, i can't and won't.



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