23 March 2007

after these messages

we'll be right back.

i added a little kara style radio thingy in my sidebar. if you choose to not enjoy my carefully selected ear parties, all you have to do is click on that little pause button near the top of it's little box. or you can turn your volume down. or you can never ever come back again, but that might make me cry.

i swear i'm working on a post of substance. my brain has been elsewhere this week, though. (still dealing with the house mess. i. am. so. very. tired. i may be knocking off the cobwebs and heading back to barkeep again soon. i'm not sure how i feel about that just yet.)

but i digress. a comment over at get your own in a recent blog got me thinking. a reader asked her what could have been done in response to 9/11 if not war. i'm going to tackle that next. i think it's an important question and one that never really gets discussed. options to war.

that is all.


no it isn't.


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