02 January 2007

you know it's bad

when the soldiers polled overwhelmingly say that the iraq war was/is a mistake, and 90% of iraqis say that the situation in iraq was better before the invasion than it is today. better than while that brutal dictator was still in power? oh. my.

but before i hop up on my soapbox, i'm hoping that you all might go over and introduce yeselves to sicily sue. she just started a blog and i know you're all the perfect bunch to welcome her! she's a dear old friend - and one of the most passionate, genuine, beautiful, people i know! you'll heart her. AND her fantastic photography! this gal has always had quite THE eye.

now back to your regularly scheduled programming:

warning - rant ahead!

...but this isn't about the soldiers or the people of iraq, is it? it's mostly about who controls the oil combined with some bizarro geo-political positioning... well, the oil is running out and the war to win friends and influence people is a complete. murderous. bust.

"there is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people."
~howard zinn

bush told us that he was coming to git bin laden dead or alive, my and afghanistan, oh, afghanistan... we don't hear much about you anymore. i'm sorry. you see, the people of america got duped by the one of the oldest tricks in the book - good 'ol bait and switch. for the record, i wasn't at all keen on the idea of invading you either. when pResidentspidey sense started tingling. i had a feeling that BL'd still be alive 5, 10, even 15 years later and that your country would be in further chaos. i also had a feeling that the fall-back-rationale of 'liberating the women' would also fall horribly, terribly, short.

then they went and hit us with WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION IN IRAQ!

since our collective attention span lasts about the length of a 30 second commercial spot for a deodorant that doesn't leave white marks on one's clothes, you can see where we got all confused. we forgot that those who attacked on 9/11 died in the attacks, that they weren't even from afghanistan or iraq. i hear that didn't matter though, that someone would pay - even if it was at the price of an entire country of people that had nothing to do with anything. i'm still trying to wrap my brain around that one.

but i imagine we'll begin to hear about you again soon, as the taliban continues to gain ground and the fighting still wages on. it is only a matter of time. once the weather breaks, and bush continues to funnel billions into the iraq mess that he created.

and for all of those staunch war supporters that still actually remain in existence, i have this to say - go enlist. get off your booty if you're so gung ho and head down to your nearest recruiting center - they'll need you with bush's new and improved plan of sending in even more troops. just think! you'll be able to return home to substandard v.a. style health care, thanks to your fearful leader. that is, if you manage to make it home alive.

just spare me your arm chair warrioring. i simply can't listen to it anymore. warring/killing for natural resources that technically no one person should be allowed to control
because they belong to all of us is one thing i will never ever waver on. you won't change my mind. you can't convince me. if you feel like commenting me or sending me email telling me that i'm an ignorant leftist commie blah blah blah - do think twice. you don't exist to me anymore. i'm pushing you and your warmongering, hateful, bullying, mean rhetoric out this year.


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