21 December 2006

happy winter solstice

everyone! i love this day - a day marking a time of introspection and future planning - and the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere. the days shall grow longer from here on out and i don't know that my hibernation is yet complete.

this is so trivial, compared to everything else that is happening in this world around me as we speak, that i feel ridiculous for even posting it. but i have to get it out. i have to say it out loud.

i decided today, after much ridiculous stress about the whole gift exchange in a family that refuses to scale back christmas day festivities and we being of No Funds That Aren't Earmarked For Bills, to give away some of my paintings.
i'm terrified.
it will be like handing over a body part, only worse. the ones that aren't hanging somewhere in the house are stacked in other rooms and i have no idea how/when i'll ever be able to get my website up, so... they might as well go to homes where they will be looked at. i only hope that they won't end up in the back of someone's closet, in the dark, all lonely. and of course that little voice in the back of my head is saying that that is exactly where they will end up.

see? trivial.

my brain hurts still from the comments section in
pam's thread, though. i can't think straight about much else at this hour.


nighty night!

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