22 December 2006

bebe talk

speaking of paintings...

bebe likes to look at mine. the other night, he was gazing away at my partner's all time favorite infinity painting, when he looked at me and said, "i loooove mommy painting." i. melted. and while he proclaims his love for many a thing these days - my little lover bug - it was the way he said it - all serious like.

here he is, trying to ride the vacuum - and vroooming away:

the selective service system has just announced that it is gearing up to test the draft machinery. in 2009. what does this mean? for starters, could it be that there is no end in sight to this deadly course of waging war that we've been thrown into? i can't help but to think that reinstating the draft would bring a swift end to war(s) - that other solutions would first be sought in the future. if *their* sons and daughters (if selective service advice is taken) are called up to serve...

they can have the above beautiful, loving bebe (as i imagine that *they* will still be waging wars in 17 years and 4 months that can never be *won* by these means)

over. my. dead. body.

ok. you're NOT going to believe this - but i swear it's truth on whatever you hold sacred. bebe just started running all around, pointing at different paintings, saying, "i love mommy painting" over and over and over...

you'll have to excuse me. i have to go cover someone with all of the smooches in the world.



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