31 December 2006

i thought about a 'year in recap' post

but i won't. you all were there. :) instead, some randoms are in order for this kid.

finally, some wintery-feeling weather! we got around to watching 'an inconvenient truth' the other night. it didn't help much that it was 60 degrees out. there wasn't too much in it new for me after taking the course about global warming this summer, but it was still a great viewing for me and i'd recommend it to anyone that hasn't seen it yet. the way he presents the data is key, though i don't quite get all of the political stuff he threw in on top of it. when will said that he found it to be a bit of a political campaign commercial, i said that it worked. seriously. i told will that i'd vote for him tomorrow if he did something, ANYTHING about this mess we've created for ourselves.

while i'm not one for making resolutions, i'm going to do more this year to further cut back on our CO2 emissions and push harder for change on a larger scale... i looked through our bills today and they are reflecting the changes we made in our gas and electric consumption over the past year. it was more than i even expected it to be! it's a drop in the bucket, i know, but it's definitely a start! now we need to somehow lick all the aspects of oil, even beyond gasoline. i posted this piece up a way's back, i think before anyone was really reading, so i'll link it again. the photograph always blows mind my, no matter how many times i see it! so much to do, so little time... the planet is warming, we're running out of natural gas and oil... what next? don't answer that.


after reading the frog's post yesterday about saddam hussein's execution and bush's soundbite, i'm still disgusted. probably more now than yesterday. he quotes bush as saying, "Today, Saddam Hussein was executed after receiving a fair trial -- the kind of justice he denied the victims of his brutal regime."

fair trial?!?! justice?!?!?! it was no fairer than what he did to the hundreds of thousands that he executed - save for the time consuming falsity of a "trial." we all knew what the verdict would be the moment he was captured. leader hung, public beheading - dead is dead. murder is murder. as for justice? pleeeeassssse. we LET him kill all of those people who did nothing more than speak out against him and this present war has nothing to do with humanitarian effort. it reeks. and it boggles the mind to think of how many people actually believe this has anything to do with iraqi freedom.
oh wait. the 'operation' has a new name now: renewal in iraq.


apparently amazon.com thinks i'm a heathen too. barnes and noble had the monopoly on books that i needed for school over the past several years, so i always tried to find them in the local independent places. when that would fail, i'd turn to amazon's used section, as they usually would feature some mom and pop type places i could order from.

i got this note today from amazon: As someone who has purchased books on religion and spirituality from Amazon.com, you might like to know about our new Bible Store.

a bible store? i had to see this. assload is the only way to describe it. there are HUNDREDS of bibles in there! in a ton of categories, even! of course i'm wondering what bibles have to do with my very few spirituality orders placed, but, whatever. it's cool. i'm used to assumptions. and you can never go wrong with bibles.

it's like when people used to look at me and ask if i had any rolling papers back in my barkeeping days. come to think of it, people used to always ask me if i had coke, too.

seems that people have to do drugs to get to where i'am naturally.


and lastly - here's to all of my new friends i've found here in bloggerdom. you've saved my sanity, stretched my brain muscles and provided comic relief just when i needed it - and to all of my old pals that i've reconnected with this year - cheers! and for everyone - may this be our BEST. YEAR. YET.

may a new way come to being this year - one that embraces the well-being of the planet and ALL of her people!


i can't believe there isn't a different video for this song floating around out there somewhere, but it will have to do. this song has been in my head all day, thanks to all of the auld lang syne references. it always makes me cry, i heart it.

be safe out there. and i'll see you next year!!!!!
i couldn't resist.

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