08 January 2007


"those who call the shots are never in the line of fire."
~ani d.

i read this post a couple of days ago and i can't stop thinking about it. so now i'm passing it on, so you can think about it too. and maybe we can talk about it. and hopefully, we will do something. love me? go read it before you go on here. :)

in all seriousness, my heart broke into a million pieces as i read tom paine's words, and to be honest it still is as we speak. bebe is his son's age. i cannot even fathom for one second what he and his wife are going through, on so many levels. bebe and i have been apart for a total of an hour or two since he was born. i can hardly bear imagining what it would be like to be away from him for months. to be away from my partner for months...

so if you hear someone, where ever you may be in the world, going completely ape-shit the next time one of these politician types gets all high and mighty with their talk of sacrificing
other people's lives for their own twisted agenda(s) - know that it is me you are hearing.

SACRIFICE AND NO SUPPORT! adding insult to injury, as if being seperated from one another for longer than they had anticipated wasn't enough - they have had to pay out of pocket to shuffle their son about during their deployments to iraq AND risk him having no health insurance. (?!?!)

this level of sacrifice is but another something in a laundry list of a hundred somethings to think about while bush gives his smug little megalomaniacal speech wedsnesday night about sending some 20,000 more troops into iraq. you'll have to listen/watch for me. i may feel brave enough to read a transcript later, but i can't stomach much more of that man and his Grand Plans.

tom, i'm so sorry. i'm doing what i can and i'm hoping with everything that i've got that you all will be home, together, soonest.

signing off, with one of my favorite thomas paine quotes of all time infinity:
"my country is the world, and my religion is to do good. "



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