05 January 2007

bon voyage

dearest hill!

i'm in denial.

hill country gal has made her blogs go bye-bye. gone are the posts that made me laugh 'til my stomach hurt. gone are the posts that made me holler outloud,
sing it, sister! gone are the all the videos that bebe would groove and try to sing along to. gone are the numerous nuggets of inspiration in her perfectly chosen words... i wish i had a copy of her hero post, the first i ever read. i'd post it up here. but it is gone too. :(

in my little happykaraland, i'm going to pretend that she is just taking a break, a nap, and that she'll be back soon.

yeah. that's what i'll do.

and if you're reading this, mamasita - you can't get rid of me that easy. i heart you infinity. i'm leaving your button up forever.

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