01 October 2006

the week, in recap.

while i don't like to dwell on the past, it has been one helluva week! compared with last week's leisureliness (is that a word?) - i feel like i stepped directly into the twilight zone 6 days ago...

the two main things, ok, three main things, that were beyond comprehension:

1. a fly invasion, amityville horror-style. for some insane reason, our kitchen filled with flies. i'm talking 60-100 at any given time. while i'm notorious for trapping the creatures that venture inside and releasing them back into their own piece of this fine land, i snapped. after swatting for several hours on and off and never being able to identify where they came from, they finally ceased and desisted their well-planned attack. at a couple of points, i opened the patio door and at least 20 of them found their way, unscathed, back out into the sunshine and cool breezes. i guess that makes me only a partial murderer.

2. the most horrifying thing ever. i feel like i can talk about it now, without shaking uncontollably. i still get a horrible knot in my stomach , though. i have a sense that that will never leave me.

as bebe and i were coming home for our walk, i noticed that one of our basement windows was ajar. i pushed bebe's stroller up our neighbor's drive and onto their path so i could get a better look. i locked the brakes on bebe's in step jogabout II stroller and double checked them, as he was on an incline. they were in tight. i walked the two feet to the window and gave it a push. then i hear bebe laughing. but not right behind me. far away. i turned around, and he was gone. my heart stopped. there was only one place he could be. in the street. it was rush hour and there were cars everywhere. i ran down the path, and there he was - almost to the far curb. as got to the end of the drive, a car that had narrowly missed him and wouldn't have seen him due to the parked car at the end of the drive, slammed on his brakes and yells, "oh my god!!!! are you ok?!?!" i wasn't. i was bawling and shaking. bebe was still laughing and saying "weeeeeeeee!" the lady in the opposite lane had apparently seen him roll down and stopped. i get to riley and he's signing "more" over and over. he had no idea. one second sooner and... i can't even think about it. if anything bad would've happened to him! i'm trying my best not to beat myself up, but it's just so hard not to. bebe was the recipient of a thousand hugs that evening. i'm always so careful - borderline hovering-my-child-will-be-in-therapy-for-years-because-i-hover-so-much careful. i can't believe it happened, still. it was all in a matter of seconds.

never in my life have i felt that way. it was terrible and horrible and i hope i never ever experience something as scary as that again.

i wrote in step a note and in the back and forth, i see that they clearly don't believe me. they want pictures. i just thought they should know - that they'd WANT to know! it's a discontinued model. i wonder if that has anything to do with it? but still.

3. i hates meeces to pieces. this is totally embarassing, but here goes - what's grosser than finding a mouse in a trap? finding 5 little bare skulls attached to spines and disinigrating tails under the stove. i could puke. guess who scared up some rubber gloves and bleach and actually used it? yup. your's truly. blech. i steel wooled the little whole i found. and even though normally when i see a mouse, i picture ralph on his little red motorcycle having adventures - those thoughts escaped me as i rubber gloved the wee remains into the trash.

i'm certain they joined us thanks to the craptacular job the previous owner did on the kitchen addition (and to be honest, the rest of the house - we've spent SO much time trying to re-do it all correctly!). no insulation under the kitchen floor, etc. i hope those meeces aren't the ghosts of christmas future. it should be known that i have rodent issues stemming from my childhood living on a farm where rats made their way in to our casa. yes. rats. HUGE rats. my mom jabbed one once with a frog gigger (oh, yes - i've been a witness to frog gigging as well ) and it escaped and hid in my stuffed animals to die. nasty. she told me yesterday as i was dry heaving the story into the phone that they found 3 rats under the stove of that farm house when they were cleaning to move out.

on another note, amy goodman of democracy now! spoke here and i missed it. again. i'd love to see her give a talk someday.

on another another note, my favorite season is taunting me with oranging and browning and yellowing leaves. ahhhhhhhhh.... fall! soup! cider! and today is beautimous! blustery, warm, delicious!

here's to a next week with no near death experiences, meeces, or flies.

can i get an amen?

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