29 September 2006

so the torture bill passed...

this makes parenting suddenly become so much easier! the conversation someday will go something like this:

bebe: but he (some other little kid on the playground) might hit me someday and hurt me, mommy! and his friends! i don't like the way they look at me!

me: yes! he might! yes! they are terrible! you should just go ahead and beat the crap out if them. tie them up in fetal position for 12-18 hours at a stretch, stick electrodes to them, pull their fingernails out, scald them... take a lesson from abu ghraib! they did it RIGHT! you do whatever you have to do, honey. u.s. law stands behind you! 12 democrats even signed on!

this is sick and wrong. what about the geneva conventions? what about basic human respect? i'm disgusted. there is NO excuse for this. none. the implications of this are horrifying, and i shudder at the thought of what abuses will come out of this law. friends, today marks another weakening of our constitution.

*post script - check out american leftist's thoughts...


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