28 September 2006

recanting my prior position - for now

so will and i watched a documentary that was handed over to us called loose change last night. while i have maintained from the get-go that there was no way our government would have ever been able to pull off 9/11 as an inside job (too big of a conspiracy, someone else would've had to have known, etc.) - i have/had a sense that the government did use 9/11 to it's advantage - as positioned in the the pnac document - rebuilding america's defenses so many years ago. that said, i now have serious questions. i've read much of what has surfaced surrounding the events that day, but much of what i saw in this film was new to me.

*you can see several other explosions happening lower in the buildings - ones that don't appear to be caused from the planes hitting. the science and official explanations don't add up with what eye-witnesses saw that day - from the people that were in and near the towers, and the firefighters that were there.
*flight 93 was actually evacuated in an airport that had been emptied out. the actual crash scene matched no other crash scene in history.
*the footage from the pentagon - the plane used doesn't match the parts that were found on the scene.
*there's no way, scientifically, that a jet fuel fire could've caused those buildings to fall. the film documents many other instances of high rise buildings burning on floors for hours before being put out, yet the buildings still stand. and the third tower that was never hit by anything, but just fell in on itself? it is mighty peculiar, what was being stored in the basement of that building...
*over half of the named hi-jackers are alive and well.

and on and on and on...

there was a plethora of news footage and interview with other experts - even from bush's own closest people. every second of this film is filled with moments that made me question everything i had previously thought. it's available to watch online here.

i'm curious as to what other thoughts are on the film? has anyone else heard of it? seen it? has anyone been able to solidly debunk it?

ultimately, this is one of those things that i fear we may never really know what happened. and if i think too much about it, i could potentially drive myself mad. in the same breath, if what this film puts forward is true - the people responsible for the deaths of september 11th should not be able to just walk away - especially in light of what has transpired in this country and with foreign policy in all the days since.

and, of course, the idealist in me wants to believe that our government, often touted as the 'best' in the world - would never be capable of such a thing - that no human would inflict this sort of horribleness on it's own people, or allow it to happen.


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