14 September 2006

if you're in kansas city or the surrounding vicinity

today over the last couple of hours, you knew this was coming...

sara, don't read this - you already got an earful.

so the blue angels are practising their tricks right now for the big show this weekend. and while i'm thoroughly and completely deighted to see fighter aircraft doing loopy loops as opposed to bombing the shit out of other countries, the sound has been nerve-rattling as they fly overhead, to say the very least.

my mind wanders. i can't help it. just like the fourth of july, these are sounds of war to me, and they don't mesh well with my psyche. or with the dog's psyches (if they have them) - they've been wimpering and crying for a couple of hours now when the planes get close. at first even bebe was making his vroom sounds, but a half an hour into it, he began looking at me all frightened-like when they flew right overhead. so i had to tell him it was ok. that war sounds are ok.

so, about the blue angels (who weren't yet named this at the time)... according to wikipedia.org, an "underlying mission" in the founding of the blue angels, "was to help the Navy generate public and political support for a larger allocation of the shrinking defense budget." of course. it is all political, isn't it? i imagine these shows are still, on some level, intended to raise public support. you know, our friendly traveling neighborhood fighter planes also entertain us. i guess it's cool if you're not on the receiving end of what they carry. it's so easy to oooo and aaaah when you're not holed up in some bomb shelter hoping that this mission doesn't find you. oh, the things we see as entertainment....

needless to say, i won't be around this weekend, and i'm glad. i've heard all the fighter plane sounds today that i ever want to hear.


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