26 September 2006

ellison bay and door county pictures! yay!

so they aren't in the order i'd like them to be but, but such is life... :)

reading baby bee bee bird with riley - his favorite book!

storm a brewin'

the goats on al johnson's restaurant

riley, rocking the night away...

exploring outside the cottage

our wine at dinner at mr. helsinki's in fish creek

the path that bonnie (my cousin) and i built one year between the cottages so that we could get to each other quicker to play in the morning. we carried all the rocks up from the beach, with grandpa's help, of course.

me, reading.

bebe with the flowers he and will picked for me as i slept early one morning. they are currently drying in the kitchen, so i can save them forever.

my long lost family!

feeding the gulls

the dock at the end of the path

more gulls - we drew about 60 each night!

riley's improvised high chair

yay! we're here!

since we don't have a bathtub at home, riley had his first big bath! we could hardly convince him to get out each night. and all day long, he'd ask for bath.

every year, i'd have my picture taken on this very rock. what a joy to have riley's picture taken there too!

bebe bundled up for our walk

seats that riley and will built for rock skipping (throwing)

here we are, coming out from the path at the dock.

the path that leads from the cottage to the stairs, down to the beach.

this is what you see while eating in the dining area. beautimous!

our fire on the beach. no, riley didn't light it.

the beach.

another gorgeous sunset!

the cottage

breakfast outdoors!

the upstairs sleeping area

i slept on this side, in a little twin bed, when i was a wee lass. they've painted and decorated it beautifully!

warming by the fire

the enclosed sunporch

the dining area

the kitchen i spent so many hours helping grandma pit cherries we'd picked to make jam.

the cottage. :)


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