03 September 2006


this came from an npr news story that i heard in the lead up into the invasion of iraq. a woman in bagdad was talking about what the families were doing there in preperation for the impending bombings. she said that many families were stock-piling valium to take and to give to their children to make it easier (?!) when the bombing started. juxtaposed with the popular consensus here in this part of the world that this "war" was neccesary and would be a cake walk that would be over in days... well... this is what came out when i sat down to write about it:


there will be no ring toss,
no pony ride,
no roller coasters,
no cotton candy.

there will be no life
by exploding metal -
OUR weapons of mass destruction
declaring war.

there will be
smiling, frothing at the lips:
"STEP right up! STEP right up!
suits and ties and perfectly
manicured hairs
"WE must have a WAR!"

country by country by country…
'til there ARE no more enemies -
after all,
you are either with us…
or else.

there will be
no chicken exits
for the weak-kneed,
no refuge,
no comfort,
no peace.
there will be no justice
for the children,
just death and blood and more
"WE must have a WAR!"

there will be blood-stilling screams,
valium to calm the pre-bombing jitters,
contaminated earth,
poisoned water,
bloody limbs and frozen, death-trapped terrified faces -
our brothers and sisters
blown to unidentifiable bits
Look the other way;
don't think about it.
We'll never see this in our own backyards


there is no choice
but to speak -a chance,a reason,a necessity
to say
"NOT in my name!"
"NOT from MY democracy!"
we must interrupt
as the calliope sings…
we must interrupt
as the freak show screams:
WE must have a WAR!"


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