01 September 2006

i'm baaaa-aaaack!

for the past week, my blog went missing... happened when i switched over to beta. i'm assuming it was a ghost in the machine or some such. in any event - i have returned. and since i'm not really feeling very original today, i'll just post up a blog entry i wrote over on my other space while this one was down:

a perfect example of why i just try to stay away from the tube

apparently, there is a show called 'survivor' and apparently, i'm "like, the only person in the world" that hasn't ever watched it.

this upcoming season is going to pit the races against one another - as if this doesn't happen enough as it is. the 'tribes will be divided into ethnic groups - "black, white, latino and asian." wtf? and i thought boxing was bad...

in another friend's blog, i was recently engaged in a 'system vs. the people' being responsible for the state of entertainment today. is the the network's fault or the the listener/viewers fault that we're surrounded by such crap? it kils me. radio and television programming (and print) is based solely on what can sell the most baubles and trinkets that the advertisers push. so i'm guessing that the demographic that watches survivor is also into watching the races being pitted against one another? pretty twisted. gladiator games for the new america.

the host of the show says that the reason they're doing it is to curb criticism that the show isn't diverse enough. (?!) and this is what the brilliant minds come up with. 'cause they know they'll get record numbers in ratings.

anyone ever read chomsky's propoganda and control of the public mind?


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