08 September 2006

deal with it

in my 33 years, i've yet to figure this out.

i've randomly run across several blogs as of late in my bebe-is-sleeping-so-is-hubby-what should-i-do blog wanderings where mommy after mommy is making comment after comment about "having" to "deal" with their children. it just has such a negative connotation to me. when i think of "dealing," i think of situations, not people. much less kids. much less, my own. i deal with being broke. i deal with student loan companies vying for my business. i deal with things around the house breaking down and wondering how we'll fix it. i don't deal with bebe. or anyone else, for that matter. people aren't meant to be dealt with.

thinking back, the closest i ever came to "dealing" with anyone were those that i had to cut off and kick out of the bar. and even that wasn't dealing so much as divine intervention.

and speaking of dealing with, this new abc MAJOR NETWORK 9/11 docudrama entitled the path to 9/11 is sure to fall into the realm of having to deal with ridiculousness. rumor has it that it's supposed to be based on facts gleaned from the 9/11 commission hearings. it's been touted by many as pro-bush propaganda. i know, i know - it's ALL propaganda, but to re-write history? i know, i know - that's nothing new either... but still.

and what IS a docudrama, anyway? part documentary, part fiction? my spidey sense is tingling. i have a terrible sinking feeling that the majority of viewers are going to be nodding along as they watch, taking every last bit in as being literal truth.

i'm surprised that something like this hasn't surfaced earlier, honestly.

remember the huge rage that ensued when michael moore wanted to air fahrenheit 9/11 on television before the election? many stations flat-out refused. moore even went as far to not throw his film/hat in the ring for 'best documentary' at the academy awards in the hopes that the film would be aired, but no dice...

but i digress. i guess i'll just have to deal with it. note that 'it' is a movie - not a people.


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