29 July 2006

is it just me?

or do policitian television spots gnaw at everyone else too?

stills of (insert candidate here) talking with a disabled/minority/eldery person, pleasing crowds of upper-middle class white voters, shakin' hands and kissin' babies.

i'll fight crime! i'll fight unfair taxes! i'll save the safety net for our most vulnerable! i'm on your side! i'll focus on slapping a band aid on a cut that needs stitches! ok, so they don't ever say that outloud, but thay have to know it, right?

i know... i know ... these are all proven techniques, driven by exacting polling companies - but it's the same dang ad every year with new faces!
and meanwhile, in the 'real world,' not much else changes. the rich get richer, the poor get poorer - the chasm widens. *sigh*


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