18 July 2006

open letter to "political heads of state" - "commanders in chief "- or whomever is "in charge"

dear sirs,

i'm completely and thoroughly disgusted and sickened to the core of my very being by all of this death and carnage and mayhem and bombing and blood and murder and destruction. and since you lunatics can't seem to figure it out without slaying thousands of people in the process - here's my solution:

you got a problem? the TWO of you get to sit down in a room together and you don't come out until you've reached some sort of agreement that doesn't involve KILLING CIVILIANS or destroying infrastructure or torturing and terrorizing people for hours and days and years. as if it's normal or acceptable to ever treat another human being that way.

just leave the rest of us the fuck out of it. i literally feel sick ALL the time. even when i've managed to get my mind to go somewhere else for a moment, there it is, lurking, just beneath the surface.

i can't imagine what the people on the ground in these places feel like - in gaza, in lebanon, in iraq... the list could go on and on... and it does.




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