09 July 2006

support the troops

yet another reason, in a loooooooong list of them, why this insanity must be stopped.

5 of these such troops have just been charged with varying degree in the rape of a 14 year old girl in iraq and her murder, along with the murder of her family. this is completely unacceptable, disgusting, horrible, sickening, and even worse, probably more common than any of us know. troops - i don't support you. nor do i support anyone else who acts in this way or condones it. that family did nothing other than having the misfortune of being born where they were. there is little difference between us. except that i'am still alive. for now. think behavior like this is making america any "safer?" think again.

will says that war is terrible, and this is why it should be avoided at all costs. he says that war takes a moderately decent human being and turns them into an animal. i think he's right. and again, another situation reveals itself in which people react as a direct result of their current station in life. war is most likely responsible for the actions of these 5. war must stop. the senseless killing and maiming and disregard for human life must stop. now. and it won't until we demand it. and not take no for an answer.


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