10 July 2006

clear as mud?

do you remember, fellow countrymen and women? waaaaaay back when bush told us that, “Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised?” remember that oh-so-necessary pre-emptive strike? if not, it's ok - as gore vidal says, we do live in the united states of amnesia and most of us don't remember what happened on monday...

well, all that was said, and the pre-emptive strike was deemed a "success." of course, it was all a crock and now thousands and thousands of people are dying, suffering and being all around tortured because of it as we speak (WARNING – graphic pictures). not to mention growing more and more angry each minute of each day that passes. but, whatever, right? i mean, as long as we have our oil fix for now and over 300 styles of jeans to choose from made in sweatshops because it’s the only available economic option for devastated countries and 900 channels of infotainment reality television available to delight our every whimsy- what's a little war amongst (ex) friends?

so how does one explain the irony that another country has threatened the u.s., even going as far as to launch off some missiles as proof of it's intentions (one that could theoretically reach the u.s.) and these actions are met with, "We want to solve all problems diplomatically. That's our first choice." wha tha?!?! are you SERIOUS? this coming from a guy who was chomping at the bit to shock and awe the masses of iraq just a few years ago - without ever giving diplomacy a solid try.

there's actually what could be deemed a serious threat out there and NOW he wants to give peace a chance? his reasoning is, say it with me now, Clear As Mud. yet more proof that the iraq invasion and take-over wasn't what (or why) it appeared to be...

on another level, this is just twisted. what hypocrisy! OF COURSE other countries are developing weapons. the majority of the world is scared witless that they'll be next in america's quest to control every aspect of the way the world works - economically and politically. and it ain't like north korea wasn't named as an eventual target in the axis of evil speech. don't they get it? this is how it works in "the real world" - if we’ve got the big toys that go boom, you can damn well bet that others would like to have this option at their disposal – just in case they wanna do a ‘lil pre-emptive striking of their own, ya know? look forward to a world full of people afraid and angry at our wee little speck of land on the planet, friends. look forward to the vicious cycle of war. way to go, bush. way to go america. snooze while you still can. i don't see how this won't end up in our backyard.


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