13 November 2007

your cousins

i've never been able to understand how this is allowed to happen. i thought this inhumane and disgusting treatment of our cousins had been halted, due to numerous field research observations over the years that have proven monkeys have the capacity to think and feel. due to studies that have proven how humanlike they really are.

how twisted, huh? researchers acknowledge the monkey's human likeness, but somehow completely ignore its emotional and physical pain - and engage in murder. on your dime. and for what?

"In one example of the wasteful experiments at ONPRC, experimenter Eliot Spindel has injected pregnant monkeys with nicotine, delivered the babies by cesarean section, measured the babies' lung function, and then killed the babies and cut them up for exam—even though the dangers of nicotine to human infants have been well documented in studies of people.

In another example, experimenter Judy Cameron takes infant monkeys from their mothers and observes their psychological suffering—even though these traumatizing experiments have been conducted for half a century and the tragic effects of maternal deprivation have long been identified in humans."

this is so disturbing to me, on so many levels. groups like this are engaging in "medical" experimentation for already well established facts? don't smoke while pregnant? if your infant is deprived of love, it is psychologically traumatizing?

there is always another way - one that doesn't involve torture. what we do to the web, we do to ourselves.

please take a moment to watch the video and send a note to the usda. there is another news article here.

*h/t to holly for sending me these links.

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