15 August 2007

to steal a sentiment from angry ballerina...


so i've apparently been living under a rock again. not fully, of course, but enough to rattle me but good. lynn posted this up the other day and it sent me reeling, as did the continuing email exchange that followed. i can't even begin to speak with any sort of substance on the matter, but i think i knew in my heart all along that this sort of financial apocalypse was certain to follow the actions taken by the majority that call this country home. and to be quite frank, it scares the hell outta me. i probably should have waited to post about this, until i've had a chance to do some digging, but i can't seem to stop thinking about it. projections look to say this will go down in 2025. some say sooner. what have i brought bebe into??? and is this what these fema camps are for? can you even imagine the sort of chaos that will rain down if another depression hits? just look at how rocky the stock market has been, with the sub prime lender/hedge fund tango.

in a nutshell, scroll down and check out the editor's reviews for
this book. sums it up, methinks.

being a crafty bartender, i've come up with a little recipe for disaster:

the end of the world as we know it

1 part out of control spending/debt

1 part war spending

1 part global climate change
1 part outsourced jobs/uneven trade

1 part peak oil

shaken, not stirred.

i think there's a pill i can wash down with this vile drink to make it all go away? hold on. let me turn on my tv and find it.

and then get your ass over here and hold me. i need to be held.

i'll leave you with a happy spot, some recently snapped photos of our menagerie - in the order in which they came to us...

first up, hadley. she rules the roost. she rocks. and barks. she also thinks that having her picture taken is funny:

up next? xanthippus. yes, we call him that. even bebe does. will likes to name his cats after conquerers. i know, i know... rumor has it, he was found after his mother was hit by a car - and he wasn't supposed to make it. as you can see, he did - he is GINORMOUS:

needless to say, xanthippus was NOT PLEASED when we brought this guy home. funny story, but a post for another day. suffice it to say, if aloisius were a human, he'd be a drunk frat guy. seriously. here, he is ready for his close up. we call him al:

and last but not least, baby kitty. remember him? he's. thriving. bebe named him. me-ine. he's learning his spot in the family, and is blatantly ignoring xanthippuseseses hisses and growls - "you WILL be my friend! you WILL be my friend!" the dogs adore him. he no like the flash.

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