11 February 2007

anna nicole smith

yup. that's right. et tu brute.

looks like i'm going there whether i want to or not.

i find it ironic that there are hoards of blog posts being written about how the media should be covering the deaths of those soldiers killed in iraq as opposed to blasting the tele waves with images and nonstop news about that "whore, slut, bimbo, tramp, gold digging, pathetic, worthless, brainless, druggie, airhead anna nicole smith."

and they're blasting the internet about anna nicole smith. just like i'am right now. *shaking my head* kara, kara, kara...

thing is, it's coming from some very surprising places - the venomous and mean ways in which she is being attacked. seriously. i don't know her, never met her. neither have you. she is simply another human being that checked out, leaving behind a baby. if anything, i feel sad for the baby. i only know what i do know about her based on what i've been reading in the blogs, which is way more than i ever needed/wanted to know.

but this isn't just about her.

aside from the personal, judgmental verbal attacks made on this dead woman who i have historically found myself regarding with relative indifference, there is one consistant question being asked repeatedly - why aren't more news stations covering the deaths of the soldiers killed in iraq?

i'll tell you why.

1. they learned a valuable lesson in vietnam - never again show any images of soldiers coming home in body bags or caskets. it will create chaos in the streets. guess how fast this war would be over if all of the people seeing body after body returning home for burial got off their asses, hit the pavement and demanded it stop? couple of days?

2. the american television viewing audience has some collective sick fascination with stories such as this. if you aren't enjoying watching the drama unfold, you're most likely in the minority.

it would be interesting to see the anger and disgust harbored towards ms. smith re-directed to something more positive and worthy of our attention. we could demand that they show us the images of those dying in our names, and put the anger where it belongs. not on ms. smith, but on the media and the whitehouse, for starters.

we all have one thing in common. we are all pawns in their game, and we are ALL connected. we are all that soldier, we are all anna nicole smith...

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