10 December 2006

the united states of stockholm syndrome

while the term stockholm syndrome is a psychological response that is typically used to describe the phenomenon of a "hostage exhibiting loyalty to a hostage taker in spite of the danger (or risk) in which the hostage has been placed," i propose that clearly a majority of u.s. citizens must be suffering from said stockholm syndrome.

food. we continue to support companies and buy products that are poisoning us and the earth - it is widely accepted that the chemicals and pesticides used on our food that have been proven to cause cancer, but hey, we gotta eat, right? we'll just have a nice walk to find the cure for the cancer. where's the walk for root of the problem? in my neck of the woods it isn't safe at all for women of childbearing age to eat any river fish. it's been poisoned. and not by any naturally occuring thing, but from runoff from power plants and farms, that has contaminated the water. and instead of taking these companies and industries to task, we just keep buying in. stockholm syndrome.

buying ourselves into a stupor. for whatever reason. because it's cool. because we have allowed our possessions to define us. because we want to look like someone else, or everyone else wihtout looking like everyone else to fit in, tobe the status quo. because we have "made it" if we have "that dress/purse/pair of shoes. " because we want to be the first to have whatever new product hits the market. because we can buy now, pay later... remember bush, after 9/11, saying that we all need to dry our eyes and get back out there and shop to save america - to not let the terrorists win? we see the ad, we go get the product - no matter if we can afford it or not. no matter if it's made in some third world sweatshop (or one right here in the good ol u.s. of a) where people are suffering just to get by, slave laboring for 20 hours a day for pennies and the 300% mark-up is just going into the already fat pockets of those who own the wealth of the land who will turn around and put that money into some political candidate's campaign. no matter if you get beat up in the christmas sale fury that is shopping, or shot while waiting all night in a line. OR if we pile on the debt and have to work longer hours and more jobs just to keep afloat with the life we supposedly "need" and that level of keeping up results in an early grave and simply existing as opposed to living life? multi-leveled stockholm syndrome.

somehow trusting and reelecting these "representatives" that do nothing more than lie, cheat and steal. hate is a family value. war is peace. we're winning the war on terror! we're safer! jesus wants you to shop at places that will tell you "merry christmas" as you leave. these people promise us that, if elected, they will serve our best interests. i saw a sticker on a car the other day that said w. is for women. really? is that why we still make a fraction of what men do when doing the same job? is that why we're still being beaten and raped and objectified with little or no legal recourse available unless you fight your way through? is that why the culture says to end violence, but keeps creating violence? pushing out violence as a form of entertainment via television programming, video games, etc? how exactly are you for me george? and women voted for him! twice. stockholm syndrome.
(and on that same note i cannot get my brain around how any person with a darker skin tone or who claims to be a christian can vote for these pseudo-religious, racist, biggoted, prejudiced candidates. stockholm syndrome.)

the military. boot camp. stockholm syndrome.

pumping ourselves full of medications we see on the tee.vee. the damage that this is doing to the nation's psyche and collective body is beyond comprehension... but those drug companies and doctors wouldn't ever give us something that would hurt us, right? even if the drugs or vaccines DO end up hurting me or you, guess who is protected by the patriot act? the drug companies that are making the drugs and vaccines. stockholm syndrome.

believing that the media is giving us "fair and balanced" "all the news you need as it happens" news. stockholm syndrome.

the shredding of the constitution. destroying the foundation of this country to "make you safe." barely any outcry. stockholm syndrome.

any to add? post 'em if you got 'em!

p/s - when do you think that jeb bush will announce that he's running for president? and we will stockholm syndrome him into office?
p/p/s - scary thought, huh?
p/p/p/s - stranger things have happened.

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