30 November 2006

snow! and some scaries...

so tuesday, it was sunny and 70. yesterday, it was sleet and ice as far as the eye could see and 18. go figure. now - SNOW! it is currently 19 degrees and blizzarding (is that a word?)! i don't know if it's because i'm originally from california (where it never snowed when i was but a wee lass) or what, but i sure do love it. i've been showing it to bebe, from indoors, as he has a terribly nasty cold and high fever (which he lovingly snotted along to moi - i haven't been this sick in years). he thinks the snow flakes are little lights. i think thats a fantastic perspective.

we've sent will off for provisions and will be making veggie chili tonight.

so that's that.

onto other stuff. ridiculous stuff. stuff that i hear about and pine for the minute earlier that i didn't know about said stuff. and since i know now, i'm passing it onto you. i really thought that folks like this were nothing more than boogey man urban legends gone terribly wrong. nope. they exist. and they frighten me. a few days ago, jessika posted this white pride commercial up:

i truly truly just don't get it.

and just when i thought it couldn't get any wierder, i was hipped to this:

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little twin pop stars that are "proud of being white" (uh, can you do that without the hilter shirts?) and like to throw out a sieg heil when they play from time to time. they are called prussian blue. now, i'm all for free speech - even when i don't agree - hell, especially then! but these gals are 13! have they really formulated this scary level of white pride all on their own? it's like fred phelps sending his 5 year old grandkid out with a sign that says "fags burn in hell." it just ain't right, ya know? if you hop on over to their link, check out the defensive racism deal in the left sidebar. what tha?!?!? defensive racism? i really need for this all to be a bad, horrible, awful joke. reminds me of the dude that used to call in every week to my radio show and go on and on about how all of these other races wanted to kill me because i have a lighter skin tone. i had news for him - we're pretty much ALL mutts at this point, skin tone being light or dark. and i for one, celebrate that. i don't feel threatened in the least.

i think this calls for a little gil scott heron, eh?

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