07 December 2006

ironweed film club

how this is in existence and i'm just now finding out about it, i have no idea - but - THANK YOU BIGGEST my most wonderful jessika for introducing me to the ironweed film club!
i heart you and your never ending wealth of knowledge, in case i never told you that before.

from the ironweed site:

Welcome to the About Us page of the Ironweed website. We figure that if you've reached this page you're either a) pretty close to signing up for Ironweed and just doing one last check, b) looking for some evil corporate agenda or admission that we don't like puppies, or c) just mindlessly clicking as you procrastinate a deadline.

In the hopes that you are leaning towards option A, here's a little background on us, the friendly and somewhat punchy folks behind Ironweed.

Ironweed was launched by Act Now Productions, which, since 1997, has been producing and distributing socially-conscious media out of the sunnier parts of San Francisco. Founded by Adam Werbach, who was elected national president of the Sierra Club when he was an unrepentantly idealistic 23 year old, Act Now produces media, helps non-profits communicate their missions, and distributes films -- which brings us to Ironweed.

If you ever get a chance to come to our office, you'll see shelves full of movies--films that took talented filmmakers years to make, that have only been seen by a handful of people. If you don't live in New York or San Francisco or in a high elevation ski resort, you probably won't see these films in a theater. Ironweed brings them directly to you.

now, if i could only figure out how to come up with an extra $14.95 a month... *sigh*



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