01 July 2006

it's july 1st, fools.

and i really don't get it. the fireworks started their incessant booming yesterday. while it was still june. don't try and tell me it's just overly patriot types, celebrating their blessed freedom. i ain't buying it.

for the next MONTH, my dogs will pace the floors - alternating between whimpering, crying and barking - jumping in fear at every boom, clack and snap that will grace my neighborhood until all hours of the morning. i hope the baby can sleep. so help me if this nonsense wakes him up. if you hear about some crazy chic driving around midtown lecturing fireworks offenders and confiscating ignitable paraphernalia- that would be me. hell hath no fury, they say. and i actually have the law behind me on this one, you unruly renegades. go you, with your damn-the-man-i'm-doing-illegal-stuff mentality. you have been warned.

why, kara - WHY can't you just lighten up, you say? because i will be acutely aware, on a very small level for the span of this month, of what it feels like to be on the receiving end of gunfire and bomb explosions. there are no oooh's and aaaah's for me. i don't think it's "pretty" - i think it's twisted. everytime one goes off, i get a vivid image in my head of one of the many war images i make myself look at regularly to know what is being done/has been done in my name. only in america will you find people delighting in sounds that much of the world lay in fear of hearing.

and the more i think about all the beer guzzling, flag waving, fireworks shooting, barbequeing madness that takes over this time of year, i get increasingly irritated. somehow, these "patriotic" americans will cast more votes for an american idol contestant than they will in an election. lovely. perfect. yeah - i'm pissed.

so when will i get a day to celebrate my independence from a country that thinks war sounds are fun?


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