24 August 2007

so, anyway...

what have i DONE??? graduate. school. is. hard. i knew it wasn't going to be easy, but, WOWZA! in advanced developmental psychology we talked a bit about conditioning during our first meeting. let me just say that i'm completely conditioned to distance learning. as most of you know, i finished my undergraduate degree through the new school university - online. being in a classroom after 13 years is thoroughly a trip.

do you know that there aren't chalkboards anymore? that my profs can hook up their computers to run through some gadget that allows us to view notes and whatnot on a projector screen??? i feel like rip van winkle. good thing is, i thought i'd be much older than everyone in my courses - not so!

i had to stop looking at my syllabi/apa style manual/pile of books - and blog instead. i've vapor locked with all i have to do already, and how i have to do it. i've also regressed to some strange psychological place where i was when i was in school before. bizarro, how the mind works. i wrote only papers at the new school. there was no multiple choice, no rote memorization to be found. SO not the case now - apples and mandarin oranges. suffice it to say, i'm not digging on it all just yet. i need a pep talk, in the worst way. i. am. very. afraid. and wondering if i can do this.


today is my CUMPLEANOS!!!!!

i'm marking the big 34 today! WOOOO-HOOOOO!!!! i hope i see a few of you tonight at my SURPRISE party! anyone else up for a road trip? ;)

i say surprise, as will is not very sly. i've told him it's not a good idea to leave his mailbox open on the computer, where an unsuspecting soul can easily view several messages from said unsuspecting soul's friends with the subject line


as bebe would say, "oh hohohoho... silly little man!!!"

it is also the birthday of one of my favorite people of all time infinity JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE, howard zinn!!!

i'm in great company.


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