22 August 2007


it's a gas, i'm an idiot. i need someone to explain this to me.

i just took my weekly jaunt over to national priorities. i like to remind myself how all of the billions of dollars being spent fattening the pockets of corporations could better be spent - on things such as housing, health care, education - you know, all that lame-o boooring socialist stuff.

it never fails - every time i visit that site, i feel like someone has socked me in the gut. i can't even get my brain around that figure! roughly 454,275,700,000 DOLLARS (it is probably well past that by now) has been spent on this war alone.

where does this money come from??? it can't be all taxes, right? so we're borrowing it? from whom? and how do "we" pay it back?

geez, i wish i would've taken an economics course during my early schooling. i have no concept about how all of this works.

thing is, i remember reading this article (that i can't find for the life of me now) - right after 9/11. it was talking about the patience that terrorists have when it comes waiting out their sworn enemies. the author proposed that they would hit us where it would really hurt - after we'd spent every last cent on finding them all and we found ourselves in financial ruin...

looks to me, we're well on the way to aiding the terrorists.



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