12 May 2008

since it is mother’s day...

...i'm gonna rap about bebe...

* he sees dead people.

ok. so i'm not certain. i'll present the evidence and you can decide. kinda like fox news, but totally different.

exhibit a: rolla. riley met rolla somewhere in the house. all the sudden one night, he was hanging out and playing with bebe. bebe told us that rolla was his boyfriend. they payed on and off for a couple of weeks, then rolla went to the bookstore and never came back.

cool. i had an imaginary friend when i was his age, no biggie.

exhibit b: weaver. weaver on the other hand, is an "old guy." i got to the bookstore after class one night to pick up bebe and was informed that he had made a new friend. one that was wearing a "bowler hat" - 'cause, you know, we talk about bowler hats around here all the time. they met in the basement. he told bebe he just couldn't seem to sell any books.

on the way home, i asked more about this weaver... what did he look like?

"he was wearing a round hat, a bowler hat."
"what color was it?"
"blue and orange. he is OLD."
"was he nice?"
"nooooooooo. weaver is MEAN."
"how so?"
"well, he said to me, 'you can't come back here anymore!"
"did you tell him it was your bookstore and that you can come back whenever you want to?"
in the most amazed tone ever, as if to say i can DO that?

no further weaver sitings.

exhibit 3: we're taking food out to a friend that just had a baby. there is a really huge cemetary by her place - i don't know, maybe several city blocks long. bebe is just looking out the window, chillin, as we pass it. suddenly he says, "wow, mommy. there are A LOT of people in there!"

no one that i could see...

*bebe also recently schooled me on who god is. prepare thyselves.

we're driving along, singing to wilco. bebe starts talking about how "that guy sings god's money."

i asked, "do you know who god is?"

without missing a beat...

"yeah! i do! god is daddy!"




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