13 February 2007

registering sex offeneders is dumb

she said WHAT!?

yes she did.

a so-called raging debate is occurring in my neighbor state of kansas right now. apparently, there is no sex offender "buffer zone" between schools and the neighborhoods. it made me think of this all over again, after being e-mailed a "look and see what sex offenders live near you" link a month or so ago. our area is swarming with men that haven't been rehabilitated and as i understand it, they really can't be. and even if they could, our penal system isn't in the business of rehabilitation...

so the big debate includes a situation in iowa (illinois, maybe?) where they've had to begin going door to door to track down sex offenders that they've lost track of since the buffer zone idea was put into action. it's costly and time-consuming to do so. and they have no idea where the s.o.'s are.

and so it goes, the media and the politicians are missing the proverbial boat.

here's my deal - if someone has served their time after being convicted of a crime, theoretically they should be let loose back into society without carrying on a further sentence of being required to register. how this ever became a law in the first place is beyond me, constitutionally speaking. murderers don't register. neither do thieves or drug dealers.

the only thing this says to me is that said ex-convict is clearly still a danger.

and i'm supposed to wait and see if he happens to strike again?

why do i have to do that? i waste enough time thinking about the offenders that i don't know about - now i have to expend energy in my own neighborhood, making sure that my neighbors that may have a predilection for attacking women and children don't come after me and my boy? i have to be on guard for the hundreds that i do know about too?

it all comes down to this - what the f#$k are they doing out in the first place? seriously. the only "buffer zone" that really makes sense is that they aren't let out. but then what would we ever do with all of the non-violent drug offenders (to the tune of 75%) serving longer prison terms for having been caught with some pot or whatnot than the dude that got busted for molesting a child? i know - it's a really tough call as to who should be kept apart from society and who shouldn't.

the entire injustice system is flawed to the core.

this is but one example in thousands more of slapping a band-aid on a cut that needs stitches.

i'm just saying.



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